Free Account!

Free levels allows anyone who has referred to Genius Solutions more than 10 clients to access our portal for free! Hence a FREE WEBSITE! If your approval has not been approved and you are sure you have given Genius more than 10 documented clients then you can send us an email FREE WEBSITE to or you can send Genius Solutions a Text Message to or you can simply Call/Phone us to verify the Subscription.

KShs. 20,000/=
Monthly Plan
This is our monthly paying plan where we allow our clients to pay in small monthly installments. This is the best plan because we can always "walk the journey together" you will not feel left out and if you do feel "left out" you can stop the payment until our team addresses your issues. On the other hand if the team is delivering on its mandate and they are feeling "left out" they can discontinue their services.
KShs. 200,000/=
One Year Payment

Premium Content...

You can pay once for the whole year of course at a discounted rate! Whole year licence or 12 months licence from the date of registration. This might hard for most organizations that is why we have included a third plan where you are allowed to pay monthly. In this one year payment plan our technicians will be constantly uploading for you content without any additional charges online.

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