Dear Principals,

With the KCSE results near and around the corner, we have some free tips that you might find useful in the links on the article below:

We have decided to revolutionize our school portals and upgrade to better WEBSITE standards & themes, some of our school websites still lack in content and creativity. We often lack proper online information about our schools including till numbers, account numbers, telephone numbers and sometimes even the location of the school. Genius Solutions intends to revolutionize the way we develop sites in Kenya.  We have decided to set the pace this year 2019, yes this year!  We are going a notch higher and even daring other institutions of higher learning, including universities, to up their game before they are outdone by developments we are doing for our primary schools and secondary schools and even ECD’S.  Every aspect of our new websites created in 2019 will be covering everything including the student portal on the first page or the landing page or the homepage, or whatever they call it!  Other people call it the FRONTPAGE.  Please contact us if you feel something in one of our sites is missing or a topic has not been covered on the main page.  If you like what you see you could refer to us atleast 10 schools in your
county then we will give you 100% discount every year to a school of your choice as a token of appreciation!  Enough said… back to work!

Progress at Eregi Girls High School is already being appreciated by the Principal of the School we thank her and the entire school fraternity plus the community surrounding Eregi Girls High School for giving us the opportunity and privilege to serve them in this powerful venture called web & portal development for schools.  And also for the trust and good working relationship we have with Eregi Girls High School to deliver pages like although still under development, the page looks pretty neat already & very tidy at-least so far so good.  This has also been done for the school fees structure of the school on these pages are amazing. The functionality is simply adorable and the pages are very versatile. Hopefully more schools will approach us for the same.

We would like to thank Nambale Boys High School who in one way or the other have believed in our ability to deliver the best Websites in Busia County and indeed even in the entire Country (Kenya). Thank you Principal Hongo and your able Deputy Mr. Arthur Aliwa for standing with us from since the ancient days of HTML code to Static Sites on Dreamweaver and now to more robust sites like this one on PHP and Java Script with Dynamic functionality on either developed on Drupal or WordPress or even Joomla! (who knows what is next tomorrow, maybe we will be developing on Gutenberg perhaps! ONLY time will tell).

The results LAYOUT for the school portals are all ready and set to roll out (as was shown in the first picture on this article). We are just waiting for the Ministry of Education to release the results so that we can update them on the school portals and make the work of parents in retrieving data less time consuming and more user friendly.  Sometimes jamming of the Ministry of Education website due to heavy traffic makes retrieval of these very important data painful and heart wrenching! Immediately the results are released and the principal gives us the go ahead, we will upload the results was handed to us without any alterations whatsoever. For the Primary Schools whose results are already out you can take a look at both Ebenezer Academy in Busia and Nangina Girls Boarding Primary School.

Thank you for reading Subscribe Here to one of our Packages and become a Genius School.


Steve Jean Osogo