Payment Terms and Disclaimers

Dear Members,

For your online payments we all need to be careful and transparent with each other this website will ensure all payments are captured online and all defaulters are automatically disconnected from the portal.

Cheque Payments:
– Cheques as payment mode to account GENIUS SOLUTIONS
– Paybill 522522 Account Number 1182061893 GENIUS SOLUTIONS
– Paypal account GENIUS SOLUTIONS

Few Disclaimers:
– We will NOT handle “Onsite” support but we will handle ONLY “Online” support
– We will NOT export your data to SMS or to the printer or on PDF formats at all.
– Training is online using videos and video calls we can also make calls on SKYPE


Software Developer, Owner & CEO of Genius Solutions, vast experience in Programming Web Designing and Graphic Designs. Former student of Strathmore University (IMIS-Class of 2000.)

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