Library Systems!

We offer the best Library Management Systems in Kenya for book allocation to students. Miss Stephanie Wanjiru Osogo is the Lead Sales and Marketing Executive at Genius Solutions, she is also an IT student

School Systems!

Mr. Ronald Ivan Mangeni is the Head of Support & Implementation at Genius Solutions he is also a wordpress expert with vast knowledge in Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Marketing, here in Kenya. Our School Systems have timetables yeah!

Websites & Bulk SMS!

Want to send data? Evelyne Kahugani is incharge of data entry & import / export of data. She has vast experience in big data! For your online school portal, timetables and Exam Analysis Systems and ofcourse Attendance Systems.

Online Courses!

Miss Alusa Jackline creates intuitive online systems, she is the current Branch Manager at Vihiga Branch, has a keen eye on detail & designs. To create your online courses and Video tutorials you can always depend on her knowledge!

Ecommerce Shops!

From VPS Hosting to ODBC integration have you ever wondered how to connect your online shop to your database? Mr. Steve Jean Osogo lead expert Ecommerce also the Senior Software Developer & CEO at Genius Solutions Kenya.

library systems - Genius Solutions

Welcome to our Online Library Management System - 0722223377

Education is the life we value knowledge but with a touch of  IT …

Welcome to Genius Solutions

More Than Just Exam Systems & Perfomance. Genius Solutions provides powerful systems that will help you make decisions about your school, your students, your class or your teachers. Get it on Google Play Store. Talent works here in Kenya but Genius Creates and Brilliance is in our nature. Contact us 0722223377 from Library Systems to School Systems and Bulk SMS Systems, yes Hotel Systems too.. we deliver nothing but the best!

  • Students Profile
  • Teachers Profile
  • Parents Profile
  • Exams & CATS
  • Marks & Scores
  • Timetables
  • Events
  • Classrooms
  • Subjects
  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Sports
  • Clubs/Societies
  • UPI Numbers
  • Students Profile
  • Clearance Forms

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Data Entry, Website, Library System Bulk SMS + Full Collection

Bulk SMS Kenya

From Kshs. 500/= Per Student

School Portals Kenya


Kshs. 350/= per student

Genius Solutions

Bulk SMS Systems

From Kshs. 2/= per student

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Library Systems

Our Library System is able to record all the Book Numbers for every particular student. The books can be issued individually and can be returned using the book returned module. The library system works well in our Kenyan Schools and is one of the first in the Kenyan market.

Members and Discipline System

Have you ever wanted to track the discipline of all the members in your organisation with their contact details and the case number with dates and ofcourse the solution of the case after receiving the facts of the case all saved onto one database. This portal is available in Kenya and sold at Genius Solutions.


From the Timetable to the Attendance and the Marks, the system is able to record everything including the subjects and the very many exams that students sit every year and every term including the Random Assessment Tests (RATS) and the Continuous Assessment Tests (CATS). This system found in Kenya is our backbone of the school portal